Ben 10 Trivia young

Based on Azmuth and Professor Paradox, Ben may have a glorious future.

In accordance with Natalie Tennyson, Ben does not have superior table manners.

According to Gwen, when Ben was 10, he was sleeping with his teddy bear, known as “Furry Freddy.” Nevertheless, Ben defended himself saying that Furry Freddy has his personal bed, which takes place to become ideal subsequent to Ben’s.

In line with Rook, Ben’s history is now necessary reading at the Plumbers’ Academy. It comprises approximately a “chapter as well as a half.”

As outlined by himself in Below Wraps, Ben’s favourite ice cream is made by Digby Dairy.

Based on Derrick J. Wyatt, Ben’s middle name Kirby is actually a reference to comic book artist Jack Kirby.

Ben and Gwen share precisely the same birthday.

As outlined by Rook inside the Ultimate Heist, Gwen’s birthday is in December, which would put Ben’s in December as well. Also, within the episode Camp Worry, Ben complains that Gwen had planned her birthday six months ahead of time, placing it someplace in early December.

Ben utilised to shout the names of his aliens to strike fear into his opponents. In Omniverse, Ben does this sparingly, like he did when he transformed into Humungousaur after numerous attempts.

Ben owns each a driver’s license in addition to a automobile (the auto being a reluctant birthday present from Kevin).

Ben’s worst topic is Physics.

It was revealed in Eye in the Beholder that Ben includes a Plumber’s Badge regardless of the truth that the prototype Omnitrix served as a Plumbers’ Badge. On the other hand, the Ultimatrix (which Ben had at the time) could not be utilized as a Plumber’s Badge too as the Prototype Omnitrix.

Ben passed the 3rd grade by deciding upon C for all of the answers on numerous decision tests.

Ben said he dislikes smoothies when he was young. It seems in between that time and now, he gained an awesome liking for smoothies immediately after that time.

In Showdown: Element 1, Ben confirms that his favored colour is green, preferred food is Chili Fries, favorite hobby is collecting Sumo Slammers, his worst fear is peacocks, and his initially crush was Patty Berkinfield from 3rd grade, at the same time as the fact he has a scar on his physique inside the shape of New Jersey.

Ben features a habit of referring to other members of his Omnitrix aliens’ species by the names he offers his aliens.

In A thing Zombozo This Way Comes, it’s revealed that Ben has relapsed into his fear of clowns (triggered by seeing Grandpa Max turn into 1, bringing a memory from when Max dressed like a clown when Ben was five).

In Mystery, Incorporeal, Ben was awarded an honorary doctorate from Friedkin University as a reward for saving the college from Darkstar. It really is at present unknown what field the doctorate is in.

Considering the fact that using Grey Matter in Rad, Ben created the ability to understand Pyxi as noticed within the Vampire Strikes Back.

In accordance with Azmuth and Sir George, Ben is the very same as they have been once they had been young.

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